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How to Schedule Live Video on Your Facebook Page


One of the main problems brands have with Facebook’s live video is being unexpected. Your audience doesn’t know that you’re about to come online and therefore many miss out on the action. This can be extremely annoying for your Facebook fans, especially if the live video is to provide a unique opportunity to the audience.  Facebook recognises this problem and has introduced a new feature that allows verified pages (and soon all pages) to schedule their live videos.

Keep Your Audience Updated

The new feature means your fans can be informed that you have an upcoming live video, giving them time to plan and take steps not to miss your stream.   You’re able to build up hype for your video and ensure you’ll have an audience ready and waiting for your content. Facebook announces your planned stream and provides the user with an opportunity to be notified shortly before your stream begins.

There is also a chat room that your audience will be able to access shortly before you go live, allowing fans to begin the discussion before you start. It’s a welcomed addition for brands making use of live video to reach their audience. Here’s how to go about using the feature and making it part of your social strategy.

  1. Visit your Facebook page and select Publishing Tools. Select Video Library and select + Live.
  2. Copy your stream credentials into the relevant field. This is your server URL or stream Key from your encoding software such as OBS or Xsplit.
  3. Create the engaging and informative announcement post. Let your audience know what they can expect from your live video and why they simply need to be there.
  4. Add a custom image and schedule your live video.

Learn more about how to stream live via Facebook by clicking here.

This feature may not be available to your Page right now, but it will be coming soon. Use it to help generate a buzz around your live content and keep them informed.