Twitter Cracks Down on Bulk Tweeting and Duplicate Accounts

Twitter Bans Bulk Tweets

Twitter released an article on their developer blog announcing further details on the use of automation and multiple account usage. The aim of witter is to keep the social network free from spam and a safe space for the users. A frequent spam violation is the use of multiple accounts that are used to inflate or amplify certain tweets. Twitter fully prohibit the use of automation that is used for spam purposes.

Back in January, Twitter announced that they would be making changes to the Twitter API and their own TweetDeck to help prevent this type of spam. The changes would limit the ability to coordinate actions over multiple accounts as a way of preventing malicious activity. Major limits will not be put in place meaning that third-party developers will need to make changes by March 23rd to comply with the new rules.

There are several new guidelines that can be found on their developer blog, but the two most important ones are:

  • Don’t post duplicate or considerably similar content, mentions or replies over multiple accounts
  • Don’t create duplicate or noticeably similar accounts whether using automation or not

The rules give Twitter the authority to put a stop to any Tweets or activity that they will consider to be inorganic in nature.

What Does this Mean?

You will not be affected unless you are already using automation and bulk tweeting across multiple accounts. You may see changes made to any third party software or apps you use to manage your Twitter account. Stay aware of the new rules and read any latest updates to ensure you are in compliance with the new rules. Spamming is never appreciated by the audience – providing genuine, positive user experiences are always more valuable.

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