What Does the Twitter Algorithm Mean For You?

New Twitter Algorithm Feed

Twitter has rolled out the new algorithmic feed for all users. Now everyone on Twitter on their desktop or app and see the posts that Twitter believes are most important/interesting/relevant to the user. It’s a bit like an extension to the ‘While You Were Away Feature’.  The aim of the new feed is to make Twitter more interesting for the users as the content shown is based on their own preferences, but it did receive a backlash when Twitter first announced the upcoming changes.

Is the Twitter Algorithm as Bad as it Seems?

You might see Tweets from people you don’t follow based on your preferences, along with promoted Tweets and Retweets. Twitter will be deciding what shows up in your timeline based on the accounts you interact with most. So if you enjoy a Twitter account it is important to interact with it if you wish to make use of this feature.

Many users and marketers were concerned about having the feed messed around with as they would like the feed to continue being updated in chronological order. Thankfully, this is still an option.  Those not wanting the altered feed simply have to go into the settings and opt out. To do this from a desk top you need to:

  • Click on Profile and Settings on the right hand side – (your small square profile picture)
  • Scroll down and click on settings
  • You’ll be taken to the account page, scroll down and untick the box next to where it says ‘Timeline’ Show me the best tweets first.

On the Twitter app on Android you need to:

  • Go to settings by touching the overflow icon (the three dots)
  • Tap settings
  • Tap Timelines and uncheck the box where is says Show me the best Tweets first.

Opt out of the feed on iOS by:

  • Tapping the gear icon on your profile and tap Settings
  • Tap Timeline personalisation under Timeline and tap Show me the best tweets first to turn it off.

Will Organic Reach Still Be Possible on Twitter?

Paying to promote Tweets will certainly help your content to be noticed but will you be forced to pay to remain active on Twitter? No. The good news is many people are opting out of using the feed, but those who remain may still come across your content too. When you first login or check the app you will be shown your recommended Tweets, but if you back out then go back in your timeline will be in a different order.  Additionally, the followers who interact with you or the relevant Twitter users are still likely to see you in their recommended feed, even if you don’t pay to promote.  The main difference it means is that you have to really work to make your content engaging and it won’t hurt to ensure you are active on Twitter, responding to others, retweeting and being part of the community in order to get yourself seen and noticed. If you’re not able to generate interest through the content your share and create you will need to put money into Twitter marketing.