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Client Highlight-Charles Lovell

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One of our clients Charles Lovell (Accountants in Redditch) have recently had their new site launched (made by us of course).

As part of the Local SEO service we provide, we have raised their profile by optimising their Google My Business account. This means we have made Charles Lovell more visible on Google, when users are searching for them or a similar business in the industry for e.g, ‘accountants in redditch’. Optimising your local/Google My Business means you are more likely to be seen instead of your competitors when users are nearby (That’s why it’s called ‘Local’ SEO).

As a result of us helping with their SEO, they have received more leads, win win! 

Does your company need more leads? We can help your brand be more visible on Google, stand out against the crowd and as a result you get more leads/brand awareness.

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Need more help understanding what Local SEO is and how it can help your business? We have a blog explaining it all here. Or maybe you’re more interested in finding out about Google My Business? There’s a blog for that too here!