3 Tips to Improve PPC Performance

pay per click tips

Are you struggling to see the results you’re aiming for with your PPC campaigns? Perhaps you haven’t reached out to a digital marketing company for their expert assistance and you’re trying to go alone. It can be difficult to find your way through the ins and outs of a successful pay per click campaign. The best option is to get training or hire a professional.

If you’re reluctant to ask for assistance these five tips will help to put you on the right path. Below are tactics that you can use to help improve the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Pay Close Attention to the Data

How can you know what is delivering results if you’re not fully aware of all the data that comes in from each campaign? You have to track everything that has led to each sale you make. By tracking data so closely you’ll quickly see what is bringing in results. You’ll also quickly discover what isn’t working. This data will help reduce wasteful spending. Put your money into what delivers the sales and the performance will significantly improve.

Play with Calls to Action

CTAs aren’t all equal. Some will perform better than others. You may find you have solid CTAs on your email marketing campaigns that fail to have the same impact in search ads. You will need to create many different CTAs. It’s a good idea to perform A/B testing to find out what works best in the search engines and all other platforms.

Micro Management

The more detail you can put into your PPC campaigns, the better. With detail, you have increased control. Pay attention to the small details or the micro conversions that will give you an insight into problems. Some examples of micro conversions include:

  • Time on site – If the user isn’t spending long on your site you will need to alter your ad or your targeting. They are arriving and not finding what they were expecting after viewing your ad.
  • Button click – A/B test a range of button styles, colours, copy and positions on the page.
  • Form field completion – If visitors abandon forms you can test out different types of forms and formats to see what increases completion.

These micro conversions can provide a lot of information about where the conversions might be failing after a user clicks an ad.

If you get fed up with walking blindly through the minefield of PPC we would recommend that you get in touch. We offer a range of services that will make things easier for you, from digital marketing training to Pay Per Click Advertising.