Snapchat Introduces New Ad Targeting Options

Snapchat Ad Targeting Options

New Ad Targeting Options on Snapchat

Snapchat is changing the way it allows brands to retarget their ads, now allowing for mobile device matching and email matching. These types of adverts are popular on Facebook and help marketers to reach out to a more defined audience. Up until recently, Snapchat has been against this type of advertising as they considered it to by quite creepy, but it seems that they have now changed their tune.

As Snapchat has grown so has the amount of money the company has made by allowing advertisements from brands. They are allowing more data intensive ad targeting and advertisers will be happy to pay for this more targeted option. The only thing Snapchat is still not allowing is for the type of ads that are also targeted on their users’ activity outside Snapchat.

What’s New with Snapchat Ad Targeting?

Brands have three brand new ad targeting options to consider using when marketing towards the mobile app’s 150 million daily users. The options are:

  • Snap Audience Match
  • Lookalikes
  • Snapchat Lifestyle Categories

These options are available where the advertisements are shown, which are in Discover Channels, between Stories and in the Live Stories. However, marketers won’t be able to use them within their sponsored geofilter campaigns or sponsored lens.  The new targeting options are added to the targeting options that have been available for some time, which include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • OS
  • Mobile device
  • Live Story or Discover Channel choices
  • Mobile carrier provider

Users of Snapchat will have an option to opt-out of receiving advertisements based on their email address and their mobile ID attached to their mobile in the future, but Snapchat hasn’t provided information on when this will be possible. However, currently users can go into their mobile phone settings and reset their advertising ID linked with Snapchat and the email address they use for Snapchat.

Re-Targeting Popular on Social Media Platforms

Ad targeting is already available on other platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest and LinkedIn.  Re-targeting is popular with digital platforms that have large audiences. These types of ad options help to attract advertisers over to their channels to spend their advertising budgets.