Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Device Specific PPC Campaigns

PPC Campaigns

Google and Bing allow marketers the opportunity to target their PPC campaigns to specific devices. Today we’re going to be looking at the pros and cons of segmenting your campaigns in a bid to help you learn more and help you decide if this is a suitable strategy for your advertising.

Advantages of Using Device Specific PPC Campaigns

  1. Mobile devices continue to grow in popularity and device segmentation allows you to target the users of these devices. Take a look at how many of your visitors come via a mobile device in your analytics. You might be surprised to find more mobile visitors than desk top.
  2. You’re able to make adjustments in your campaigns based on the devices being used. Look for trends that indicate the most popular times and days and devices and create separate campaigns to benefit from the differences.
  3. Target different demographics with suitable advertisements using device specific PPC campaigns. You can tailor the campaigns based on the age and gender of your audiences as well as household income. Mobile users are often younger, desktop users are more commonly used by men and tablet users tend to be older females.
  4. Create PPC campaigns that suit the different behaviours on the various mobile devices. Voice search is on the increase, especially with mobile voice search and virtual voice assistance gadgets proving to be popular.
  5. Split the budget efficiently between the devices based on their performance.

Disadvantages of Using Device Specific PPC Campaigns

  1. You’ll have more campaigns to monitor, increasing complexity and your workload.
  2. The data you collect is split into the different campaigns, reducing the size of your data set.
  3. Google doesn’t offer support for device specific campaigns. They can be created and used but back end settings have to be played with to ensure bid tools work as they should.
  4. Bing doesn’t yet have a way of creating device-specific campaigns and no 100% desktop bid modifier, unlike Google. You’ll need to separate both Google and Bing and manage them separately. This will again increase your workload.

You don’t have to start using device specific campaigns but it’s a good idea to consider them. Speak to us today about improving and developing your PPC campaigns and marketing strategies.