Mobile SEO – What You Need to Know

Mobile SEO

Paid search is proving to be the most powerful way of getting ads seen on the first page of mobile search, simply because the screen limits the amount of results that can be shown. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to improving your organic mobile search engine optimisation. There are steps you should be taking if improving your mobile SEO is on your to do list.

  1. Optimising on the app store – If you have an app in the app store you will benefit from optimising your listing. App store optimisation isn’t a new thing but it’s still relevant and if you’re not using it you are going to be making it harder for your app to be discoverable.
  2. Researching keywords used on mobiles – It’s important to know what your audience is using when they search using their mobile device. Learn the keywords and then optimise your content accordingly. Pay attention to search terms that have higher clicks from mobiles than desktop as these are the terms that need to be included in your mobile SEO.
  3. App indexing – Fix the crawl errors and make sure you index as many of the pages in your app as you possibly can, using your keyword research to help people find the app content they’re looking for.
  4. Making use of Accelerated Mobile Pages – Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) is new and something that is highly likely to increase traffic to your website. Pages using AMP are provided with much more visibility on mobiles and it is possible that they will also provide a boost in the rankings in the future. Please note that AMP is currently only available for publishers.
  5. Remove all mobile errors – If your website isn’t mobile friendly you will find that it will reduce in organic search. Take the time to find and fix all of the errors to boost your rankings in search and to improve the customer experience.
  6. Put your attention on core ranking – Most importantly, focus on core ranking, which is relevance, authority and usefulness. Your website has to be indexed and it needs to be fast too.

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