7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Digital Marketing in 2016


In order to be successful you need a digital marketing plan. We’re sure you’ve already been working to one but most plans need to be tweaked and sometimes completely overhauled in order to make waves. Here are 7 things that need to be included in your 2016 digital marketing plan to put you on the right road to success.

  1. A Stellar Landing Page. Most landing pages fail to encourage visitors to click through, call or buy. You need to work on creating a landing page that results in more conversions and the only way to do this is by testing multiple pages to see which one is the most beneficial. A/B testing is a must, if you all have different ideas, why not put them all into practice to see which one works the best? Testing several landing pages and other important pages on your website should be a constant process throughout the year ahead.
  2. Google Ad-Words is a way of getting your website into the search results of your potential customers who are using Google to find information before making a purchase. Bid on keywords and make sure you’re found in your target area of the 3.5 billion searches that take place every single day. Run your Google advertising and continue working on building your organic SEO at the same time.
  3. Have you noticed how you’ll visit a website, look at a product and then a few minutes later that same product will show up on Facebook? This is remarketing, a clever way that businesses are securing sales with visitors who have shown interest but who didn’t complete the desired transaction.  A remarketing campaign is affordable and effective and a great way of getting your visitors to convert.
  4. Boost your Facebook posts if you want your content to be seen by your target audience. Facebook advertising doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, a small amount every couple of weeks or even monthly will increase the reach of your content and encourage more likes, comments and shares. You may wish to investigate advertising on the other social networks including Instagram and Twitter too.
  5. Growing your email list is still a priority in 2016. Email marketing is a way of sharing your messages without having to spend a fortune. Encourage your website visitors, customers and client to sign up and send out one or two emails a month. The emails need to be responsive as more people are using their phones and tablets to check their emails than ever before.
  6. Your website, email marketing and every piece of content you create needs to be mobile friendly. If you’re not already producing mobile content you need to take this step now, immediately, delay no more!
  7. Get known by being active within your industry. Write content for the industry websites that appeal to you and your audience the most. You’ll need to pitch your idea and let them know your ideas and how you’ll contribute to the industry with your expertise. Outreach and bring referral traffic to your site while working your authority.

The good news is, we can help you create and/or implement your digital marketing plan. Let’s make 2016 the most successful year ever. Call us on 01905 27007.