5 Tips to Increase Email Open Rates


One of the first things businesses and bloggers learn when they create an online presence is to begin collecting emails. Email lists, when used correctly, can be an important factor in building a successful business. Email marketing is a way of connecting with your audience, building engagement and increasing profits.  Unfortunately, many businesses fail to make the most of email marketing, either leaving the list ignored or failing to come up with a strategy that the readers will respond to.

A Reason to Read

People who give out their email addresses (usually for something of benefit to them) will be looking for personalised contact, to be kept updated about the latest blog posts and informed about current deals, new products and special offers. The way an email subject is written will affect the open rate and the content impacts conversions, so how can you encourage your audience to click through and increase the success rate of your email marketing?

  1. The subject line needs to be appealing to the recipients. Pay a lot of attention to the wording and the message you’re sending. Think about how you would react to the email if it turned up in your inbox. Would it make you open it? Would it annoy you or make you want to unsubscribe?
  2. The content needs to be quality and deliver something personal and of value to the reader.
  3. There needs to be a call-to-action in the email. Make it very easy for the reader to take the next step.
  4. Keep the content tidy and to the point, with no more than 3 links. There’s no need to fill the email with images, don’t crowd the space.
  5. All emails should be personalised with the name of the recipient. Personalise further with product recommendations based on the user (if relevant).

Try these tips in your next mail shot and begin paying closer attention to the content you’re sending to your valuable email list. Get in touch if you would like assistance with your digital marketing strategy, we’re ready to help.