What is Google’s Question and Answer Feature on GMB?

Have you started using Google’s Question and Answer on your Google My Business listing? This new feature was launched in the summer of 2017, yet many businesses are failing to make use of it. As with many GMB features, there are advantages to be had by making full use of them. So what is the […]

Page Speed a Mobile Search Ranking Factor in 2018

Google announced details of the new ranking mobile search algorithm last week. The new algorithm has been nicknamed the ‘Speed Update’. Thankfully, the update won’t affect many queries, those affected will only include the pages that give users the slowest experience. Google Algorithm Update Arriving July 2018 The update isn’t expected until July 2018. There’s […]

What’s Happening with Mobile SEO in 2018?

Many businesses are focusing a substantial proportion of their SEO efforts on mobile. Mobile SEO is no longer just a trend or something that needs to be worked into the rest of the SEO strategy, it’s at the forefront. 2017 saw many changes to mobile SEO and as the arrival of Google’s mobile-first index is […]

Copywriting for Mobile Devices

Designing a website to work on mobile is a must, but many businesses overlook copywriting for mobile. Reading on a mobile device is a lot different to reading on a desktop. The main reason for this is simply down to the smaller screen. People using their phones will need to do a lot of scrolling […]

5 Simple Mobile Search Marketing Tips

 Have You Focused on Mobile Search Marketing? In order to put your website in front of your audience, you need to optimise your marketing for the search engines. By doing so, your site will end up ranking for the right keywords and phrases that your audience is using.  It’s not rocket science but it’s not […]

SEO Trends – Are You Prepared for Mobile First Indexing?

Google has made several updates that have pushed businesses to focus on mobile for some time now. Mobilegeddon happened way back in 2015! We’re assuming that all businesses already know how important mobile is when it comes to selling online and digital marketing. If you haven’t yet we recommend you call us asap and we’ll […]

Google Starts Mobile First Indexing

Google has begun experimenting with using mobile content as their primary factor for ranking. This is big news, especially for those websites that are still lacking when it comes to producing mobile content.  What Google plan on doing is using mobile first indexing. This means they will no longer be using the desktop version for […]

Intrusive Interstitials to be Penalised by Google

Google is committed to improving the mobile search experience for their users. They have worked hard to encourage all websites to be optimised for mobile and now they’re about to introduce a brand new penalty that will affect more mobile web pages. The penalty will be in play from January 10, 2017 and will affect […]

Google Gives Warnings to Not Mobile-Friendly Websites

It’s only a month before Google’s mobile-friendly  website algorithm boost is launched. That gives website owners just a matter of weeks to get things sorted out to avoid being pushed down the search engine’s result pages. Google has begun issuing warnings to sites that are not yet mobile friendly but the warning will only be […]

Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Updating this May

Google are committed to making the web more mobile friendly. Their latest news update on the matter was released on March 16, 2016. They announced that as of the beginning of May, a new update will be rolling out that will affect the ranking signals for mobile search results. The aim is to help all […]